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DMK Cameras are
manufactured by
The Imaging Source

Many thanks for your interest in AstroTracker!

AstroTracker is a software program written specifically for the DMK range of astronomy cameras from The Imaging Source. It has been designed to overcome several of the problems associated with taking pictures through a telescope.

Version 3.1 has just been released: It features better video management and tidier layout.  It works on both monochrome and colour versions of the DMK camera!

What does AstroTracker do?

The following are just some of the features in AstroTracker.
  • Dramatically increases exposure capabilities of your camera
  • Virtually eliminates vibration and motorised slips
  • Effectively quadruples the resolution of your camera
  • Helps manage images from all your astronomy sessions easily
  • Provides fast, real-time view of images as they're built
Download the trial version for free!  (limited time use)

Download AstroTracker for FREE!  This is the full version, with all features enabled, but with a time limit of thirty days use from the first day you use it.  The trial version completely expires in January 2011.
To get the full version, click the Buy button at the bottom of the page.

Read the Manual

To get the most out of AstroTracker, be sure to read the AstroTracker manual.

The AstroTracker manual is in PDF format. Most computers will read PDF files, but if yours cannot, you can download Adobe's Acrobat Reader for free which will do the job.
Turn your trial version into the real deal

Already using the trial version?  Just click the Buy button below to get the unlock code to turn it into the full version.  It's only £29.99, payable securely through PayPal.


We are proud to be recognised by The Imaging Source who manufacture these excellent cameras.
www.IanKingImaging.com are one of the leading suppliers of imaging cameras and other astronomy equipment.

This is a picture of the Great Orion Nebula taken using the AstroTracker software.  It was taken using a monochrome 640x480 DMK camera on a Meade ETX-125 PE telescope.  Red, Green, Blue and Oxygen III filters were used.  From start to finish the setup, imaging and putting away took fourty minutes.

This image of Comet Lulin was taken on a particularly windy night and has an effective exposure of 20 seconds, but notice that the stars are crisp and clear with no blurring, thanks to AstroTracker.  Although the comet was moving, AstroTracker tracked the stars, meaning they were crisp and sharp.

On a night of not particularly good seeing I managed to snap this image of Messier 66 (also known as NGC 3627). It's worth noting that this galaxy doesn't have much in the way of detail, even on professional photographs (just try digging around on Wikipedia for example). However, if you look really carefully, you can see the spiral arms of the galaxy.

- Tony Porritt (AstroTracker Developer)

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